Daria Widermanska

Daria Widermanska

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First Name * Daria
Last Name * Widermanska
Username * Anako
Country * Poland
City Warsaw
Nationality Polish
Languages EnglishFrenchJapanesePolish



Availability: Freelance
Website www.anako.pl


Specialization: illustration, characters;
Digital media: Photoshop, Sai, Wacom Intuos3;
Traditional media: Copic Markers, pencil, ink;
Interests: art, history, archaeology, astronomy, games, manga, Go;
Personal quote: At spes non fracta. (Latin: The hope is not lost.)

Although drawing since I remember, it was at the age of 18, when I decided to totally immerse in the world of art. I took many drawing courses and studied the Art of New Media faculty where I experienced everything from animation to 3D graphics, and where I finally crystallised my biggest speciality – illustration. I love working both digitally and traditionally, and I call myself an “illustrator of many styles”, since I’m able to easily differ my drawing style. Every picture is for me like a new different adventure in which I experiment verious techniques and discover new methods.

My job experience consists of illustrating books for children and fantasy, drawing postcards, comics, creating website mascots & making storyboards.

My works were printed in EXPOSE 9 by Ballistic Publishing and ImagineFX magazine, issue 60. I also did a tutorial for CGArena.com magazine. I was featured on such websites as deviantART (four Daily Deviation awards), Photoshop Creative (Picture of the week), ImagineFX online (Image of the day), Digital Artist daily (top rated gallery). I also performed duties of Gallery Director on deviantART Inc. for over a year.

You can follow my latest works and news on [url=http://anako-art.blogspot.com/]my blog[/url].


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